What kinds of photography do you do?

We shoot photos of pretty much everything except weddings and engagements. We decided in 2016 to move away from those kinds of jobs. We are happy to give referrals though for wedding photographers!

These days we shoot a lot of brand and product photography as well as adventure shoots featuring travel and landscape, food and drink photography and lots of content that is used on social media.

How much do you charge?

We typically work on an hourly rate. Sometimes, depending on the scope of the project, we’ll work things out a little differently. Email us (hello@authenticasheville.com) to tell us a little more about your idea. There’s no commitment to reaching out.

What is the process for getting started on a web design project?

First we listen to what you want, then we come up with a proposal. When we’re all on the same page, we begin!

Do you do photography and web design jobs outside of Asheville, North Carolina?

We do! Though we love our local clients and jobs, we are frequently work for clients in other states. We have done numerous jobs where our client will send us product and we will then create content for them in the field, whether it’s on the west coast, in a National Park, on the water or even in a foreign country.

How far out do I need to schedule my project?

It depends. We are typically able to juggle several projects at once. Please get in touch to discuss.

Will you make me a website using my own (or another photographer’s) photos?

Yes! Though we love to shoot the photos that end up on our client’s sites, we get that not everyone wants to use our work. (Or that they can do that part themselves.) We’re happy to still work on projects of this nature.

Do you build WordPress sites?

At this time, no. We have chosen to specialize in Squarespace websites.

Can you update an existing website for me?

Most of the time the answer is yes. Sometimes you don't need to start over from scratch. If you have an idea of where you want to go but, after repeated attempts, can’t seem to get there, we might just be the perfect team for you to work with.

Can you get my website featured on Squarespace?

We’ve had three websites featured by Squarespace and while we’d love to get every client featured, we just can’t guarantee it.

If you build a website for my business who will do the updates?

This answer varies by client. Some people want to maintain their sites themselves and others want us to do the updates for them. Either is fine with us. Updates are done at our hourly rate. We try to get to all requests for updates as quickly as possible. Most jobs are completed within a week or two, schedules permitting.

I’ve seen some sponsored content on Instagram. What is that?

From time to time when a brand or business is a good fit for us, we’ll create content for them and post that content on our social media channels. Most recently we’ve partnered with Google Pixel (#teampixel)! and featured their camera on the Pixel 2XL and 3XL.