I think that people give up on their dreams because the reality of living them out and working to see them come true involves staying the course and being brave during times of doubt. When the steady paycheck you'd come to rely on stops coming in, will you turn back or keep pushing forward? It's not enough to just hold on. You've got to dig down deep to that hard place within yourself that says I will not give up. Yet without a very strong sense of purpose or solid belief in yourself then there's a good chance you'll never even get out of the gate. Because it's scary. Sometimes it can be downright terrifying. But I think that if you surround yourself with people who believe both in what you're doing and who you are, then you can make it. No one else can carry you to the oasis, you have to do that yourself. But they sure can help you rise to your feet after a setback. Or wipe the tears off your face after a disappointment. I am so thankful for the many invisible hands that have held my own as I walk that tightrope of self - discovery while chasing down my dream. I hope to someday be able to return the favor.

With gratitude,