Can you call it #VanLife if you're technically in what the DMV calls a "house car?" I guess it's debatable because it's not even really a car, it's a camper built on a 1976 Toyota truck - go figure, right?

Anyway, we were going to sell her after our most recent trip up the coast this summer. We had one person come to take a look at her and even drove it around a little bit. I didn't realize I'd feel so sad at the thought of letting go! As things would have it, we've decided to keep her and are planning on hitting the road again in the middle of October!

Destination: North to Washington, DC and then west to as many National Parks as we can visit!

Along the way we're also hoping to make stops in Cleveland, Madison, Missoula, Bellingham, Eugene, Snohomish County, Portland, Seattle, the Willamette Valley, Eureka, Big Sur ... and at some point make our way to Las Vegas where we have plans to fly out to see our families for Christmas.

Any suggestions for us on things to see and do while we're out there?!

Erin & Caroline